Our mission is to serve you the most authentic, mouth-watering Jamaican and American cuisine that’s done to perfection. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction which will keep our doors open and the word of mouth of Rick’s Café and its excellent food and customer service will ignite a frenzy which will bring customers from near and far. We will give back to the community to show our appreciation of their continual support of our business.
Rick’s Café is strategy-driven. We will continually deliver high quality food, beverage, and entertainment services, at every opportunity. Our business will be differentiated by a thorough knowledge of our customers’ needs, as well as our unmistakable technical expertise.We will attract, train and retain a culturally diverse team of talented people. We will provide an environment that encourages innovation and demands accountability. We will ensure that excellent performance is well rewarded.


We will prepare and present Jamaican cuisine in a semi-formal manner, which is sure to enhance its full experience and enjoyment. In a fine dining, high-quality atmosphere, Rick’s Café will bring together a sumptuous combination of Caribbean- American based foods, beverages, music and art.

RICK AMOS, Managing Director and CEO/ CFO

RICK AMOS has been tapped to become responsible for the overall business management of the enterprise. These functions not only include food and beverage services, but also every aspect of financial analysis and planning, as well as every element required for effective internal control and auditing.

RICK brings more than five (5) years of practical experience in food service management and fiscal planning. He is of Jamaica, and has managed three (3) restaurants in the Jamaican market. He also brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of regulatory affairs, expertise in Caribbean food preparation techniques (including the jerk-food process), and he brings a significant familiarity with event planning and marketing.


Mr. Simpson brings skills in kitchen management, food safety, inventory control and culinary preparations that are vital to the operation of our enterprise. He has over seven [7] years, served in the Food and Beverage industry with proven success as one of the best in the business. He is a well-experienced, highly respected, Jamaican-born Chef. He is DC Board of Health-certified, and is well-versed in the nuances of traditional Jamaican cooking—especially in the art of authentic jerk-food preparation a skill which is absolutely critical to the thematic concept at the new RICK’S CAFÉ restaurant. While he is not a classically trained chef, Mr. Clarke is trained in a wide range of Caribbean regional cooking styles. He will tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.